Museum of London

On our way to the Museum of London, we stopped by The Wall. There are always things being dug up from under London’s Streets. After the Fire of London, these walls were uncovered, revealing the fortifications of an ancient city. The Romans, around 200 A.D. were settling in London and had built these fortifications. The […]

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Brussels, Belgium

Jazz Night Our first night in Brussels, we received a strong recommendation to go check out The Music Village. Here we had more Belgian beer, good food and heard some good Jazz music. Grand Place Grand Place is the centre of the city, with the Kings house on one side, city hall on the other, […]

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Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a cursed city, they must keep a minimum of fifty-eight swans here at all times! Right now they are safe as they have over 100 but they treat this curse very seriously. All the swans have tracking devices on their legs and the city even has a law about the Swans! It is said […]

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Cologne, Germany

Cologne Cathedral Cologne is most famous for its gigantic cathedral.  In the 1200s this cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage churches throughout Europe. At this time it was completely dismantled and rebuilt in a more gothic style. One of the most important reasons for all of these pilgrimages is the shrine of the […]

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