The journey through Morocco

And so, our trip began.  Leaving Marrakech in some ways was a relief. It is a very fast paced, in your face type of place. It also helped that we were leaving for some amazing views!

It was a little bit windy up there… ok it was very windy! But the views were fantastic. Some of these streets, I would not want to drive. They weave in, out and around the mountains, most of them with straight drops off the edge and yet people rip around them as if they were on the straightest of roads.

There are very few water towers to be seen. But where there is water, it seems to be very well controlled, either by trenches dug out or some type of cement irrigation system.

Traveling around some of the mountains brings up many questions as to how they are formed and what causes all the different colours.

Some of the better infrastructure we saw during the trip, at least as far as water control.

This fossil museum was fantastic. Morabit Fossils is another place that causes a lot of curiosity. All of these fossils are dug up from the deserts of Morocco, where there used to be a huge Sea. After digging these stones up they make beautiful tables and artwork. It is also in some ways a museum, as they are able to take you back through millions of years of history and explain the creatures some of these fossils came from, and even talk about a time when the continents where together and Morocco and Mexico where neighbours, proven by the animal fossil relations.

We stopped for a walk at the The Dades Gorge in the valley of the roses named after the many roses growing in this area. Here they hold a Rose Festival every year. The Todra Gorge is one of the most impressive places to find water running down the mountains, and just like other places wherever water runs, there are beautiful oasis and plenty of life.

This is Moroccos Hollywood! The city of Ouarzazate is home to the Atlas Film studios. Between this film studio, and Ait Benhaddou, Morocco is the home of movies such as Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander and of course, Game of Thrones

The people of Morocco show respect to their King, Country and God, by putting symbols in to the sides of mountains around Morocco, they say:

God, Country, King

As much as the people of Morocco respect their King, it is insisted that God come first and country come second.

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