The Three TRILLION Dollar alter and the city of Lisbon

IMG_3427 IMG_3428

This very plain looking church, is actually one of the most important in Lisbon. Only plain from the outside, the Chapel of St. John the Baptist contains probably the most expensive alter in the world. Estimated at three trillion euros (if it were built today), this church contains 6 different alters, all coated in gold, one of which is made of solid gold.

The creator of this alter really went all out as on top of all the gold involved everything else is made from precious stone in the area. After this alters original completion, they decided they could not make the Pope come all the way to Lisbon! In order to show him their masterpiece, and get his blessing. The alter was disassembled, put on a boat, sent to Rome, re-assembled, and after all that was sent back to Lisbon the same way.

Right along side some amazing churches, the city of Lisbon also has some smaller, stranger construction quirks.


If you can’t find the nose on this building, have a second look.


For what seems to be no particular reason, this building absolutely has a nose on its corner.



Walking along the streets, we saw this very cool roaming book store.


Portugal is very well known for its tiling, this very common pattern, can be seen in many squares of the city. Unfortunately, this is a dying art as it has simply become too expensive for workers to set all of these tiles by hand.


In Prague, we saw the the Fake Eiffel tower. Here, we ran in to the Eiffel towers sister building. The Santa Justa Elevator was built by Raoul de Mesnier an apprentice of Gustave Eiffel. This structure connects the highest and lowest points of the city.

Of course, before leaving this beautiful city, we absolutely had to get to Belem. IMG_3555

Pasteis de Belem is the most famous bakery in the city! The small cakes that they make are so delicious, most days people are lined up out the door! The recipe for this famous pastry is known by only three people. The Chef, the sous-chef and the Owner.

IMG_3551 IMG_3552

Cod is also a very famous dish in Portugal.


The funny thing about that is, that there is no cod to be found in the area! This dish is imported, generally from the Netherlands and is heavily salted for preservation during its travels. Before it is eaten the cod must be left to soak in water for days before the salt can be dissolved and it can be served.


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