Prague, Czech Republic

National Museum of Prague

The National museum of Prague and Wenceslas Square are very nice sights. Old and modern buildings mixed together. This square was once the Prague horse market.

Christmas Markets

Christmas is a great time to go to Prague as they have two big markets where they host all kinds of food and fashion stands. The Squares were full of Christmas trees and decorations. Walking by one of these stands we spotted some doughnut swirls and decided to try some of these.

Prague Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall

The Prague astronomical clock is the most overrated sight in Europe! We did not get to see the clock actually open, but the clock itself is fairly impressive and the first thing you see as you walk in to the square. This square was also lit up and ready for Christmas with a market and a huge Christmas tree.


We found a very nice restaurant in Prague. Ambiente Restaurace is a delicious homemade pasta place but does so much more. When we went we had a plate of stuffed pasta and a plate of duck, when we looked at the desert menu we saw pineapple cannelloni and could not resist. It was a cannelloni made of pineapple filled with cream and coconut. The currency is not worth very much so what sounds like an expensive meal, is reasonably priced when converted to pounds.


The Prague Castle

You can see the Prague Castle from just about anywhere in the city.  The castle itself is quite the site, it is an enormous building with very detailed stone work. All around it are statues of different battles that have taken place in this area over many years, Prague is one of the oldest undamaged cities in the area. From the castle, on top of the hill there were some beautiful sights, the whole city is below you. On the side, you can just see the Eiffel Towers sister.

The Eiffel Towers sister

This is another one of the sights you can see from just about anywhere in the city. One of the best places to see it was from the castle. The people of Prague liked the Eiffel Tower so much they decided they just needed one of their own.

The Dancing House

This unusual building is meant to represent dancers, one leaning toward the other. It is said the idea is to show the madness of the city that was kept in during the time they were under communism.


Interesting buildings and things

This is the type of city everything you see seems to be amazing, here are a few other pictures from buildings or interesting things.

DSCN2215    DSCN2216

This door still has the measuring stick beside it.


This is the gunpowder storage for the city, this is the reason why it is built so high up. It is also very well ventilated as to not get the gunpowder wet.

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