Interlaken and Harder Kulm, Switzerland


As soon as we arrived in Interlaken the sights were amazing! The water there is a very green blue  and right away we started to see paragliders coming off  the tops of the mountains. The city is built in the center of many mountains and there are houses that are built right up the side of some of the mountains. Some of these are farms, the cows sheep and even rams left with a great view from the side of a hill.

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Our first day in Interlaken we climbed 1,322 metres to the top of Harder Kulm. Some of these pictures show the snowy peaks of Jungfraujoch.  From the top, we were able to see the whole valley and had a great view of the cities of Interlaken, Bonigen and Unterseen.

IMG_1785        IMG_1809_2


As we were heading down to the bottom it was starting to be late and we witnessed the sunset as you can see in some of the pictures. Once we did get to the bottom we walked around Interlaken for some time and and had some dinner. We found out that the Swiss international dish was macaroni and cheese with a cream sauce and apple sauce on the side. As we were leaving the restaurant even through a dark sky, we could see where we had spent most of our day.


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