Happy Canada day 2015!

Celebrating some favourite Canadian memories during my first Canada day away!       Always a top memory when thinking of Canada for me is hockey or skating in some way. Especially outdoors. This could be on the Rideau canal in Ottawa, playing a big outdoor tournament in a small northern Ontario town or playing boot […]

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Dried wells of Morocco

Water used to run all through the ground of Morocco. These wells are now completely dry. They have been kept in tact in order for visitors to see what the water had created. As the wells dried out, people lived in them. Walking through the caves is a very interesting experience. As you can imagine, in the […]

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The journey through Morocco

And so, our trip began.  Leaving Marrakech in some ways was a relief. It is a very fast paced, in your face type of place. It also helped that we were leaving for some amazing views! It was a little bit windy up there… ok it was very windy! But the views were fantastic. Some of […]

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Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Ait Benhaddou, is a world heritage site, a great example of Moroccan architecture, many buildings in the country take after this fortified city. The city is on the former caravan route from the Sahara desert to Marrakech. It is in a great location, right near its own Oasis, and of course water. Like many other places […]

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Les Palais du Marrakech

Le Maroc est un pays arabe grandement influencé par l’Europe, notamment la France, l’Espagne et le Portugal. Peuplé premièrement par des commerçants libanais environ 1000 ans av. J-C. Mille ans plus tard, les parties nordiques du Maroc sont réglées par les Romains, les autres étant en mains de tribus indépendants. Tout dit, le Maroc reste […]

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Marrakech, Morrocco

“Marrakesh is simply the nicest place on Earth to spend an afternoon” -Winston Churchill The way to Marrakech! The “Paris of the Sahara”  foreshadowing the delicious food to come, this mountain of tagine dishes was just the start of our journey in Morocco. Marrakech is famous for its souks! Normally souks are saved for Sundays, they are the […]

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Museum of London

On our way to the Museum of London, we stopped by The Wall. There are always things being dug up from under London’s Streets. After the Fire of London, these walls were uncovered, revealing the fortifications of an ancient city. The Romans, around 200 A.D. were settling in London and had built these fortifications. The […]

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Camden Market, London England

Camden Market is another great London market. It was getting dark as we got there but there were still plenty of stalls to see and many pictures to take. There are locks going through the market and so many bridges run through. Many of the shops have different styles of art above the front windows. This […]

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Brussels, Belgium

Jazz Night Our first night in Brussels, we received a strong recommendation to go check out The Music Village. Here we had more Belgian beer, good food and heard some good Jazz music. Grand Place Grand Place is the centre of the city, with the Kings house on one side, city hall on the other, […]

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Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a cursed city, they must keep a minimum of fifty-eight swans here at all times! Right now they are safe as they have over 100 but they treat this curse very seriously. All the swans have tracking devices on their legs and the city even has a law about the Swans! It is said […]

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Cologne, Germany

Cologne Cathedral Cologne is most famous for its gigantic cathedral.  In the 1200s this cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage churches throughout Europe. At this time it was completely dismantled and rebuilt in a more gothic style. One of the most important reasons for all of these pilgrimages is the shrine of the […]

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first morning we arrived we went on a walking tour of the city that brought us around the major sites and told us the story of the city. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and very easy to navigate as a pedestrian, except for the crazy bikers, watch out for those. The tour began by […]

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Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House in many ways was like the concentration camps. Knowing what has happened in this place makes it a fascinating but eery place to be. All furniture has been taken out of the building, lighting is kept dim and the shades are kept down (at the time they were trying to avoid […]

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Munich, Germany

Arriving in Munich, we were greeted by a heavy “homelike” snowfall. Munich is an interesting remodelling of a city, Munich is 60-80% concrete, rebuilt after the war.  When Hitler started to understand the damage the war would eventually cause, (again thinking he was going to win), he thought it would be a shame to come […]

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Prague, Czech Republic

National Museum of Prague The National museum of Prague and Wenceslas Square are very nice sights. Old and modern buildings mixed together. This square was once the Prague horse market. Christmas Markets Christmas is a great time to go to Prague as they have two big markets where they host all kinds of food and fashion […]

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Berlin – Germany

Germany is a place I have been curious about for a long time, so much of the worlds recent history seems to revolve around this one place. Before the trip a big part of this, for me, would have been the two world wars, which took up a large part of the twentieth century. After […]

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Dublin – Ireland

Dublin is a city with a very long and complicated history. From the Vikings in 820 to today, Dublin has been the centre of Irelands trade as it has an advantageous location by the river for merchants. One of the main attractions in the city is the Guinness storehouse. We started our tour there. The storehouse […]

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East London

On our way to east London, we came out of Liverpool street and ran in to what must have been hundreds of people dressed as Santa. We saw the Gherkin And a building with green and red elevators. The reason we were out, was to get to Hackney Empire but on our way we made […]

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The Markets

Borough Market We’ve now been by Borough market a few times, today we had some of the food! We walked around the stalls for a while and decided on some pasta and shawarma. We will have to head back as the market is full of fresh food. Our next stop was  the Southbank christmas market for […]

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British Museum

We went to the British museum the other day. This is quite an engaging museum with many different sections, we were only really able to see two the day we went but found them to be very interesting.

Egyptian history is always so impressive as it always seems so far and so mysterious. They had built such large and impressive monuments so long ago (up to 2750BC) that were built to last forever and still it seems there is no real explanation as to how everything was built or even moved around.


Nearly 3000 years old, the Rosetta stone is the remaining part of a larger manuscript. It was written in hieroglyphs and translated in to Greek and Demotic.


The Black Schist sarcophagus of Ankhesneferibre (530 BC)
Was used for Ankhesneferibre, Amuns wife, before the Persian conquest of 525 BC. The sarcophagus was later reused by a roman priest who added his own inscriptions on the sides and changed the pronouns in the texts.

Many of the statues made by the Egyptians were created to ensure their survival in the afterlife. Some of these were colossal!


This is one of a pair of human headed lions, they stood at the doorway and offered mystical protection.

 The Royal Lion Hunt

In 645 BC Lion hunting was the sport of kings.

Lions would be placed in cages


The lions would then be shot at



And the king, in all his bravery would stand face to face with the Lion and defeat him by thrusting his blade through his heart!
At this time, lions were running rampant and the Lion hunt was thought to show that the king was taking care of his people.
As usual with different and especially ancient cultures, the Egyptians had some very interesting beliefs. It is always fascinating to go back and have a look at the ways people lived and what made them do the things they did.
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Basel, Switzerland

On our way from Interlaken/Meiringen to Basel, we made a stop to Augusta Raurica, the ruins left from a roman colony around 15B.C about 800 years after the origins of Rome. As we walked in, our first stop was the theatre. This was an outdoor theatre made of stone that could hold 10-1200 people. After the […]

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Meiringen is a small town near Interlaken, we stayed there for three nights while we traveled southern Switzerland. We were there during off season so many of the attractions were closed, what we did see however did impress. To start there was a market on the street where we were staying. Here we struggled to speak […]

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Banff, Canada 

Originally posted on Life Hopping:
When I arrived in Banff it reminded me of home a little. The mountains surrounding the town and the general ski resort atmosphere. But it was more Canadian, with low story buildings and country bars. It was beautiful and I loved it straight away. ? Our hotel was on Banff…

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